An epic eruption threatens to destroy Isla Nublar and the dinosaurs on it. Do you have what it takes to rescue the dinosaurs from destruction?

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isla nublar beach

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bamboo forest

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blue's nest
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dinosaur stampede

Use a Gyrosphere to escape the dinosaur stampede and earn one bonus entry! No codes are needed to play.
Species: Gallimimus

Like modern flightless birds, Gallimimus communicate with booming calls they make in their chest.

Species: Sinoceratops

There are at least 3 different species of Sinoceratops, each with their own distinct arrangements of horns on their faces & frills.

Species: Ankylosaurus

Full-grown Akylosaurus require over 130 pounds of ferns a day, or as much forage as an African elephant eats.

Species: Pteranodon

You can tell male and female Pteranodon apart by their crests. Males have more ornate and colorful crests than females.

Species: stegosaurus

Stegosaurus can swing its spike-studded tail at 40 meters per second, fast enough to pierce flesh and bone.

Species: triceratops

Triceratops are among the orneriest of dinosaurs. They frequently lock horns with members of their own species in combat.

Species: baryonyx

Baryonyx doesn't just look like a crocodile. Much like its cousins, this dinosaur claps its jaws and splashes in water to communicate.

Species: stygimoloch

The spikes at the back of this dinosaur change as they grow, being more prominent in younger Stygimoloch and shorter in adults.

Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex's bite force is over ten times that of an adult aligator, or roughly 8,000 pounds of pressure.

Species: carnotaurus

The horns above the eyes of the Carnotaurus are not weapons, but social displays the dinosaurs use to identify each other.

Species: brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus is able to reach its neck over 30 feet above ground, allowing it to feed on levels of foliage other dinosaurs can't reach.

Species: apatosaurus

Confident in its size as one of the largest animals to walk the Earth, Apatosaurus is a gentle giant.

Species: blue

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